Hair Extensions

Why Extensions?

Add bold colors with no damage
Change their current look completely & immediately
Get the look they have always wanted but couldn’t due to difficulty in managing natural texture or
Thinning hair or fine hair, adding volume
Short hair, wanting long
Provide a temporary fix to a bad haircut as natural hair grows back
Boost in confidence with hair length, hair that doesn’t seem to grow
Low light or highlights without color or bleach

At Lucky Hair Co. We Offer Two Choices in Our Hair Extension Service.

Our Inclusive Service (most recommended)

Includes Hair & Compound brand extensions, the manufacture & supplier of high end professional grade extensions made exclusively for hairdressers in the film industry & hair artists in top salons! The human hair extensions have multiple options of color, natural texture & price levels without sacrificing quality or performance. With a reusable attachment system that lasts up to a year, available in Premium, Layered and Curly hair.

Our Instillation Service

For our extension guests that choose to bring a brand of hair of their choice to be installed.
Everyone’s hair is different. Because of our commitment to your 100% satisfaction, we require a scheduled consultation before your actual Extension Service appointment. The consultation is free and a quoteDue to each guest’s individuality in hair extension needs & to provide an accurate quote, we require a scheduled complimentary consultation. Quote will be given upon consultation.